#ilovemyjob – My 3 Year Work Anniversary

Since I was not in the office on the day of my 3 year work anniversary my co-workers took it to the social networks to send me some major co-worker love. ๐Ÿ™‚ I even have my own hashtag now #iheartKPats

  1. Happy 3rd Anniversary to our wonderful community manager @katiepaterson one of our fav A-players! #IHeartKPats
  2. Happy anniversary @katiepaterson – to one of the greatest, smartest, most wonderful people I know!! #iHeartKPats
  3. Happy 3rd Anniversary @katiepaterson! It’s been a wild three years, and here’s to many more!! #IHeartKPats
  4. Happy 3 year anniversary at Achievers @katiepaterson 3 high performing years of great results!! #IHeartKPats
  5. Very few people can truly keep up with social media, but our community manager @katiepaterson can! Happy 3 year Anniversary! #IHeartKPats
  6. Katie you we’re one of the 1st people I got to hang out with @Achievers 3Y ago. It’s clear you were an A-Player then and now! #iHeartKPats
  7. Happy Achievers Anniversary to our savvy social Commiunity Manager @katiepaterson – you’ve just owned the role! #iHeartKPats
  8. Shout-out to the AMAZING community manager @Achievers, the lovely @katiepaterson! A total rockstar & my @runDisney bud #iHeartKPats
  9. Wishing @katiepaterson a very happy 3 year anniversary at @Achievers! Could not imagine this place without you #IHeartKPats
  10. Happy 3rd Anniversary @Achievers to the wonderful & talented @katiepaterson! You’re ancient in Achievers years! #IHeartKPats
  11. Diggin’ all the L.O.V.E being shared for our very own @katiepaterson today! Keep em’ coming! #iHeartKPats
  12. H4PPY @Achievers 3-Y34R 4NNI @katiepaterson j00Z r mY |-|3R0!! s0 pr0ud 0f j00Z!!! l0ts 0f l0v3!!!! bit.ly/10zoPVY #IHeartKPats
  13. Seriously, my fellow @Achievers you have made my day! Thank you for the #IHeartKpats shout outs ๐Ÿ˜‰ #ilovemyjob ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. Happy third anniversary to an amazing and talented Achiever! #iheartkpats xox
  15. Just because I like blowing up her feed, another tweet to congratulate @katiepaterson on her 3 years working for @Achievers!!! #iHeartKPats
  16. Congrats on 3 years at @Achievers @katiepaterson!!! You’ve been a trailblazer and made significant impact. #iHeartKPats
  17. happy 3 yr anniversary @katiepaterson!! I truly love working with you every day! Thanks for being so amazing! #IHeartKPats
  18. Wow 3 yrs Miss! 140 char is not enough to tell the world how great you are @Achievers. You inspire me daily @katiepaterson #IHeartKPats
  19. Happy 3 year Achievers anniversary Katie!! #iHeartKPats @katiepaterson Youre such a valued member of our team, thx for leading us in social!
  20. Happy 3 years to one of my @achievers partners in crime @katiepaterson! We will definitely need to celebrate when you are back! #IHeartKPats
  21. My dearest @katiepaterson, you are the Sourpuss to my Crown and Redbull. Always adding some flavah to our SF adventures! #IHeartKPats
  22. Congrats @katiepaterson on your Achievers 3 year anniversary! You are one of a kind ๐Ÿ™‚ #IHeartKPats all day
  23. Happy 3 year anniversary @katiepaterson !! You are such an A-player in everything that you do #iHeartKPats
  24. @katiepaterson you are so talented, passionate, and kind. I am the luckiest to work with you #iheartkpats

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