My 2012 Bucket List – Things to do before I am 30!

So with 2012 soon approaching it has got me thinking about what I want for the new year and what I want to accomplish. I have decided to set out a list if goals for my 29th year in preparation of my 30th birthday in December 2012. I will update this list as things are accomplished and maybe even indulge you all in the details in a blog post.

So cheers to an amazing 2012, the year of new things and new experiences. My first year in San Francisco!

1. Watch the sunset

2. Take a new class

3. Visit a new country

4. Learn the difference between different types of wines

5. Have a blog people actually read

6. Live in a new Country for a year! ( Hello San Francisco)

7. Learn how to “Juice”

8. Ski in the United States (Tahoe here I come!)

9. Scrapbook my photos from Europe in some form

10. Win a blog award

11. Go to Vegas with my High school Girlfriends

12. Get paid to write a blog post

13. Visit LA and see the Hollywood sign

14. Hike up a mountain

15. Visit Disneyland in California

16. Pay off all credit card debt

17. Visit the Twitter office

18. Do a flash mob

19. Get RC to ski or snowboard

20. Complete L1 Rosetta Stone language course

21. Complete a marketing course

22. Go on a sailboat

23. Visit Wine Country/Vineyard

24. Visit 3 new USA states

25. Eat at 5 Food Network restaurants

26. Visit the Walk Disney Museum in San Francisco

27. Sign up for the Walk Disney 1/2 Marathon for Jan 2013

28. Go on the “Walk in Walt’s Footsteps” tour at Walt Disney Land

29. Learn how to Knit

30. Try a new extreme sport