My Kind of Bi-weekly/Monthly San Francisco Update

Wow, so time has been whizzing by and I am slowing getting my roots here in San Francisco. I think the hardest part of believing that I now live in San Francisco is that I still have some long term trips home on the horizon. Since my last written update I had flown back to Toronto on November 9th, to produce an awards gala for work. During my stay in Toronto I was handed my official Notice of Action for my H1B working visa and it was then when I knew I was in for the long haul, well at least until October 10th, 2014!  I was now in the SF moving mode and had a list of tasks I needed to accomplish upon my return on November 18th.

I hit the ground running when I flew back to San Francisco and had 7 apartment viewings ready and booked for Saturday. I was lucky enough to see an apartment in a building of my co-workers before it was even listed. I walked in fully prepared with documentation in hand and a “I am a great and responsible tenant” smile on my face. After seeing an apartment I liked, and apartment I loved and two apartments I couldn’t not wait to get very far away from I was ready to make a commitment. I just couldn’t believe within 24 hours of landing that I was going to have a place in San Francisco of my very own! I officially picked up my keys last night and will be moving in when I fly back on Jan 3rd, 2012.

I am happy to be close to a the few people I know in the city and  happy to call Pacific Heights my home thanks to my friend and co worker, RM.

Keys to my Home in San Francisco

Here are a few highlights I have to look forward to;

Fillmore St Jazz Festival in July

– Becoming a regular at this fantastic paper store, Paper Source

– Brunch at The Grove

– Take in a movie and drinks (at the same time!!) at Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

Now that finding an apartment was out of the way within 24 hours of landing in back San Francisco I was onto other task for the next  following days. Here is a summary below;

– Found an apartment in the area I love (already discussed to length above)!

– Explored my new found home, walked Fillmore St and took it all in.

– Ate chili in a sourdough bowl at Fisherman’s Wharf, nothing better than an edible bowl!

Yes I ate it all and a snickerdoodle cookie...

– Survived a very scary ride on the Polk 19 bus (twice) on the way to the social security office to apply for my SSN on Monday, short story the security guards do not have any appreciation for a nice bottle of chardonnay…

– Opened a US bank account, hoping a credit card will be in the near future. One can hope….

– Started to gear up for my first ever Black Friday experience, more to follow in a future post 🙂

Well that is it for now…



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