The San Francisco Welcome Committee

So during my stay here in San Francisco I have had the pleasure of meeting some new people (some great and some… not so great). Also, I have felt true hospitality from my peers at work and people I have just met online through social media. It is all very warm and fuzzy, I love it!

So here is my welcoming committee so far…

– Everyone at the Achievers office at Rocketspace, you all have been so sweet!!

–  An Irish man on the 38 Geary bus who had $80 left on his per diem that we was so nice to offer to us if we had drinks with him!

– A man who starts his morning with a tarzan scream then decided to bark like a dog right as my co worker and I walked by… great way to start the day!

– Don’t forget the two earthquakes! and then a third on the same night I had vertigo… my bed was a rockin’

– A small episode of Vertigo which kept me in bed for a full 24 hours… and introduced me to the US medical system.

And last but not least, the Disco Cab guy… For those who love the Cash Cab, this might be reminiscent! 🙂 Watch the video!

That’s it so far, thanks to all who have extended a warm hand during my transition here to San Francisco! Couldn’t do it without you! 🙂  Hope I can return the favor someday.


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