My First Week in San Francisco

Okay this is much much over due and needs to be done… It has been 18 days since I have flown to San Francisco. I have been making notes of all the wonderful things I have experienced here in SF in between working events and a flight to Fort Worth, Texas

So bare with me while I try to recall all the details by topic….

Restaurants I have visited.

Unwind in Cow Hollow

Pacific Puffs in Cow Hollw

– Olivos Restaurant (little hole in the wall Mexican, but so good!) in Lower Nob Hill

Sudauchi in Pacific Heights (they have mochi ice cream, my new favorite dessert since Las Vegas Social House!)

and yes this was just in the first 7 days…. this place is going to make me fat!! I have a ever growing list of restaurants that I want to visit and I think there will be many full restaurant reviews coming soon.

So between eating and stuffing my face, I also experienced my first three earthquakes! Yes three, not just one! There was one at work on ober 20th, which occurred about two hours after our company wide Earthquake awareness meeting… Crazy!

First earth quake was a 4.0 at 2:40pm and then another 3.9 at 8:41pm, came from Berkley felt both; one on the second level of the office and the second in the sushi restaurant. It was quite a day. See the proof here 🙂

During my stay here in San Francisco I will be living in corporate apartments until I get settled into my own little piece of San Francisco.  So when I arrived in SF on the first week I found myself in a quaint (very oddly decorated – hats on the wall) apartment which I shared with my coworker LM. It is located in the north region of the Western Addition located at Post and Gough, very close to Van Ness. We were only in this place until we flew out to Texas on Oct 28th. I have now moved into a new place, put that story is for another post 🙂

This is all one needs when moving to a new apartment! - 10.18.2011

Yes it is true, I found a LUSH within 5 hours of landing in San Francisco - 10.18.2011

Later for now! Hoping to be posting at least once a week so look forward to some more updates soon!

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Location:Post St,San Francisco,United States


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