Landed on the West Coast – Observations from San Francisco

So it is (sort of) official, I have made my way to the west coast and found myself wandering the streets of San Francisco. I have been relocated here because of work and I am more than excited to take on this new adventure. With this new adventure I thought this would be the right time to start up a new blog and document my travels and everything else that happens when you pick up your life and move to the other side of the continent!

So with keeping in tradition of all my other relocation blogs I am going to kick off my blog with a post I call “Observations”. It is in this post that I list all the observations I have made about SF so far (I have been here for a little over 24 hrs now) I have done this same post in Hungary and Germany.

Okay so here it goes…

– everyone here owns at least 5 scarves… you cannot survive this up and down weather without one!

– no one truly knows where and how you go about buying a transit pass, some Walgreens sell weekly passes, others sell monthly and some Walgreens don’t sell any transit passes….

– it is near impossible to catch a cab in this city. Learn to walk.

– chain restaurants are not near as popular here, there is an abundance of gourmet food selections to satisfy any foodies desires (come back to the blog to read my many future restaurant reviews)

– rent here is out of this world… and I thought Toronto was expensive. Expect to pay $500 more a month on rent

– the people here really do seem a lot more relaxed… I feel they look at me and think I am wound tight, I can’t help it I am from the east coast.

– the BevMo! will sell you everything from liquor, wine beer, glasses, bar mix, peanuts and candy and it is all on sale!

– there are a high number of homeless people in the city, much more than I am used to

I think that is all I have for now, I am sure as the weeks go by I will have many more!


8 thoughts on “Landed on the West Coast – Observations from San Francisco

    • Thanks Urban Girl, I will let you know how the Ferry Building visit goes! Keep coming back to see my restaurant reviews as well 🙂 I am still building up my page but come back to see it evolve! your blog as been a big inspiration for me 🙂

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