Reverb 10 | Prompt 15 | 5 Minutes

Okay so here I go, I am about to catch up on all my reverb posts from Dec 15th to Dec 23rd!!!! So here come a whole lot of posts today : ) Please keep coming back to read the posts and leave comments!

December 15 – 5 Minutes

“Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010. (Author: Patti Digh)”

Wow I found this one tough but here it is!

The most memorable or life changing moment I want to remember from 2010 is the moment I received the phone call from my current employer. It was a moment that excelled me forward for 2010. I had just come back from my first yoga class at 889 Younge Yogo and Wellness studio and I was feeling energized and at peace with where I was in my life. I had taken a leap of faith to follow a new career path in 2009 and what was ahead was unknown but that was okay because I was savoring the journey and learning all I can from each person I was meeting along the way. As I walked into the Bay & Bloor subway entrance next to the Starbuck’s my phone rang. I was jolted with excitement and anticipation. The excitement was then greeted with great news that I was being offered a position as a full time event coordinator! I couldn’t believe all the hard work for the last 9 months was paying off.

And here I am today almost 8 months into my new position and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Life works out in mysterious ways, just trust in yourself to be strong enough to push through and get what you deserve in life 🙂


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