Reverb 10 | Prompt 14 | Appreciation

December 14 – Appreciation

“Appreciate What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)”

As I think about this prompt I am having difficulty thinking of something I appreciate and express gratitude for…. I mean that’s not to say I do not appreciate all I have in life. I just do not think I have done a good job expressing gratitude for all that I have. I believe in 2011 I need to open my eyes and change my ways to ensure the people in my life know and understand how important they are to me and my life.

One person that comes to mind is my boyfriend. He has always been on my side and has an uncanny ability to love me unconditionally (something I hope to learn from him) He was my supporter when I made the decision to leave my engineer profession and my cheerleader when I was making my way into the event industry. NO matter what I do or say he is always behind me supporting me.

I couldn’t ask for a better person to have in my life and I better person to spend my days with 🙂

In 2011 I am taking more time out of each day to ensure my boyfriend knows how much he means to me and how lucky I know I am to have him by my side.


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