April Monthly Challenge

Okay.. okay… okay… so I kinda leaped over march and dropped off my blog and you all thought you would never hear from me again but here I am and I am still committed to my monthly challenges. Just keep on improving that’s what I say! So here I go improving myself and trying to be better at tracking it on my blog.

So getting back to the order of things; My April monthly Challenge!

So an update on February…

Work Challenge – I did a full clean up of my office and scrap booking space so I totally rocked this challenge this month!! I would rate myself 10/10! Yes!

Personal Challenge – Still not on board for the Wii fitness challenge did nothing all month… so 0/10 for me… boo!

Money Challenge – I completed and sent in 2008 taxes! and even got them back already so all is done and complete, 10/10 baby!

So in total I am averaging 6.6/10 which is an improvement form 4.3/10 for January!! Wow I have already improved and I am not even finished blogging this post 🙂

So here is April’s Challenges

Work Challenge – I am moving in two days so I want to make sure my office is set up in the new location! So my challenge is to create a functional working space in my new apartment.

Personal Challenge – I have joined a 6 week fitness challenge (see post here) and I want to meet the three fitness goals I set out through this program.

Money Challenge – Keeping with the tax theme and since taxes are due this month my challenge is to complete my taxes and have them sent in on time!

So what are your goals for this month?


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