Fitness Challenge – Fit & Fab 6 Weeks

To prepare for an upcoming trip to Florida in August and to shed that winter bulge…

I have joined Fit & Fab Challenge on Positive Fabulous Women Network website. This is a 6 week challenge that has brought together approximately 50 women in the Toronto region who have made a commitment to there health!

I have been given 12 sessions at Goodlife Women’s Fitness Club on Toronto St and 12 sessions at 889 Yonge Yoga & Wellness Centre! I am very excited, this will boil down to 4 gym sessions per week. Quite an exciting fitness journey for me and I am going to document my whole adventure right here on my blog to track my progress, keep my motivation high and to rally support!!

I have my trusty Fit & Fab log book in hand and it will not leave my side for the next 6 weeks.

In the log book I have written done my three goals;

This is my a picture of me on the start of this journey and my stats for reference to track the physical change in my body over the next 6 weeks.

Weight: 139 lbs
Bust: 36″
Waist: 30″
Hip: 41″

If you want to join my journey and share you fitness and eating tips feel free to comment on this blog, become a follower on twitter @katiepaterson or find me on Facebook!

Off to get my gym clothes ready for my first class tomorrow at Goodlife fitness!


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