My Baby is Back!!

So, no I am not a mom but I do have something that is very dear to me, my blue and silver 2006 diesel SMART car. I have always dreamed of own this car since my first trip to London, England when I was in grade 11. I purchased this vehicle shortly after graduated and I was in heaven. My three year long journey with this car has been much the opposite, I have gone through three air conditioning repairs, brake replacements, air bag deployment after a collision with a pothole, replacement of the carpet and not a fuel pump repair after my car died on me on my way way from Christmas.

I still love my car I so sweetly named Mr. SMART but I worry that all these repairs are just getting to be too much. It breaks my heart to think about selling this car since I always thought I would keep this car for the rest of my life. I have some major decisions to make this month and I need to re prioritize mt financial situations since I am still a student.

Give you an update soon…


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