Resolutions and Monthly Challenge Update

Okay so just a quick update on my progress with my Resolutions and monthly challenges…

So I have stated EA Sports Active and I am on track. Later on tonight, when I get home I will be completing my fourth workout! Just need to keep the eye on the ball. So personal challenge and good health resolution… check!

I do have bad news however… I had a cookie from my work yesterday… I was having a PMS day and I just couldn’t resist the craving… and the sad part was that the cookie wasn’t even that good. It was over baked an really crunchy, but I ate it anyways. So as far as my monthly work challenge goes I get an 8 out of 9 for the 9 days passed for far. But I will stay focused and make yesterday a one time affair!

My money challenge in on track, I have not purchased a Venti Non Fat Tea Misto form Starbucks on my way to work yet. I have been resisting the temptation by making tea at home with my trusting steep tea brewer and choosing from my wonderful collection of David’s Tea. If you have not been to a David’s Tea before and you are a lover of tea please go! It totally rocks, check them out on the web at David’s Tea. I will save my never ending love for all things David’s Tea on another post! I would love to share my fav tea reviews!


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