Monthly Goals

Okay so above all those new years resolutions and yearly intentions I would also like to throw in a few monthly challenges that I will concentrate on each month;

I have three categories and I will have a challenge in each one. Here it is for January!

Work Challenge – Do not eat the freshly baked chocolate cookies that sit in front of me each day. This is my small step to trying to cut out bad foods in my diet. I don’t want to go over board since I do like to indulge every now and then, but I think i can survive with out a daily cookie!!

Personal Challenge – Start the EA Sports Active Wii 30 challenge

Money Challenge – Do not buy a Venti Non Fat Tea misto with no syrup on the way to work, Drink a tea before I leave the house and drink the tea that is at work and most of all free!! This should save me tons of money since Starbucks is changing from bag tea to loose tea and the Tea Misto is going to be increase in price to $4.84!!! too rich for my blood!!

I am hoping if I write them down it will keep me accountable. Each month I will change the challenges in each of the categories or maybe keep it going with a challenge if I think I still need improvement.


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