Bueren Spa Thermal Springs

On Friday September 8th, my friend Tina and I decided we needed a relax afternoon after a long of work. We drove about 20 mins from Deizisau to a town just outside Plochingen called Bueren. In this town is a thermal spring by the name of Bueren Thermal Spring.. pretty creative eh?

In this complex there is lots of different baths with different temperature water. There are two inside, one which as exercise classes. Then there are three outside. The pools outside has a surreal view of the rolling hills and ruins of an old castle.

The complex also has a “Grotto”. It’s a fake cave with different hot rooms, salt rooms and therapeutic showers. Outside, there are these cold canals that are suppose to promote good circulation when you walk through them… Think the polar bear dip cold.

This is the castle that you can see from the springs. It is the Hohenneuffen castle.
This is me at at the castle pointing right at the thermal spring below : )
The hill which the castle is on is a well known point for paragliders. There are at least 5 or 6 of them that you could watch while you relax in the bath 🙂
After a long soak in the thermal baths, Tina and I relaxed at the top of Hohenneuffen Castle. I am drinking an Austrian herbal lemonade called “Almdudler”, it was really good!


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