Observations… From Germany

Some people mentioned to me how much they liked the “Observations” blog entry I did when I was in Budapest, Hungary so I felt that I should also do one for Germany. Since Adam has lived in Germany for a year, I was aware of some of the observations I have listed below, before I left for this trip. Daily task and such are not as surprising since Adam gave me a good pre-departure orientation for Germany : ) Thanks Adam!

So here are my observations so far…

– When one comes to the office in the morning it is customary to shake everyone’s hand and say “Guten Morgen”

– If you want ice cream in a cone you must have it for take away

– It is customary to say “Mahlzeit” just before and after lunch to your colleagues, the direct translation of the word is “Meal Time”, I just don’t get this one…

– Most German companies do not have voicemail I also do not get this one…

– Germany loves gravy on everything, it is commonly referred to as brown sauce

– There are the same number of cell phone contracts as the number of people living in Germany, more even more

– Cell phones are referred to as “Handy’s”

– Germany is very talented with parking many cars in the smallest amount of space possible (ie. a five-storey parking garage along a bridge, a revolving two level personal parking garage for a house)

– The water used to make beer is better then the water they serve for drinking

– Germany loves to mix beer with anything, lemonade, coke, berry syrup and even banana juice (Although I haven’t tried beer with banana juice, beer and coke is my favourite so far)

– There is a person in my office who still uses a typewriter!

– The older your car in the LESS you pay in insurance

– German television dubs everything… and the movies too (It is quite funny to listen to Paris Hilton with a German accent)

– A lot of things in Germany have touch sensors (ie. Vending machines, toilets, subway doors, ticket booths and crosswalk request buttons)

– It rains a lot in Germany!! (Or maybe I just have bad luck)

Well that’s all I got so for, hope you enjoy. Check back often for more blog entries soon!! And of course pictures!


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