Back in Canada

Well its now been two weeks since I have been back in Canada. It’s crazy when you get that feeling like you have never left. I was whisked back into real life less then 48 hours after my plane landed. I started my first day of work at ESPAR on the Monday of July 3rd. Work has been going on for about two weeks and still I have yet to start my actual duties… oh well I guess all will come in time. Now all I am left with is the great memories of Adam’s and I’s last two weeks in Europe. That trip will be something I remember for the rest of my life : ) Being able to see all those great cities (Krakow, Prague, Berlin, Munich, Hanburg and Vienna) with one of my best friends was more then I could ask for. Adam and I sailed through each city with our bags on our backs and took in as much as we could. We both dream of returning soon and see all that Europe has to offer (Although Adam has still seen more of Europe then I have!)

The good news is I will be continuing my blog in the near future. Currently I have plans to go to Esslingen, Germany for a business trip for the months of August and September. I hope to continue using this website to log any future travels I may have.

So I leave you all with some pics from the last month in Budapest and various areas of Europe
: ) Enjoy and I will be logging back in when I arrive in Germany in August!!

Here is Adam and I enjoying a traditional Budapest meal at a restaurant near one of the stops on the red metro line. As you can see we actual shared a dish… Adam must be someone special because I don’t usually share my food with anyone!! : )

Here I am at the World Cup game between Germany and Argentina. I am sandwiched between two great polish girls, Monica and Jola!!

Here is Jola and I just taking in some of our last moments together in Budapest!! Miss you tons Girl!!


2 thoughts on “Back in Canada

  1. Katie it was a great time … i will never forget it… lets see each other again … Poland Hungary Germany Canada GOLIAT !!!!! :):):) a big hug for youuuuuuu rooomiiiiieeee :):):)j => npg

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