Leaving for the Adventure…

Hello everyone!!

So in two days I will be heading off to my two week trip with Adam. Adam will be arriving today at 10pm Budapest time and he will be spending tonight and Thursday night in Budapest then we will travel by train to Poland on Friday with my roommate Jola. Tomorrow will be my last day of work, YEAH!! So I will have Friday to show Adam as much of Budapest as I can.

This may be my last post in a little while as I don’t know when I will have access to a computer. But am hoping will find something so I can post pictures of Adam and I on our travels. Adam is very good with the updates as well so maybe I will let him write them 🙂

Well as for tonight I will be picking up Adam at the airport during the German vs. Poland Game (Go! Poland Go!) and then Thursday night the trainees will be having a little pre-send off party for me. It’s only a pre-send off party because I will be coming back to Budapest on June 29th for two more nights and I can have an official Send-Off party then!!

Well I hope to talk to you all soon, Send me an email!!


6 thoughts on “Leaving for the Adventure…

  1. OUUUH So exciting!! I can see you smiling from Creemore.Have a great time. Call if you can before you leave Hungary.Have a great time showing your Budapest to Adam. Say hi.Luv ya, Dad

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