Finally….The Baths!!

After a long weekend of football and Caves we took some relaxing time at the Gellert bath. This is something I have wanted to do since I have arrived at Budapest. The weather was not the warmest but warm enough to sit in the thermal water outside. We ventured into the wave pool for a little bit while the sun was still shining. The picture below shows the outside view. In this bath, Gellert, there is a swimming pool, unisex thermal bath, male thermal bath and female thermal bath inside and then outside is a wave pool, and another unisex thermal bath. The place is all done with tiles and everything, its beautiful! Nothing like you would see back home.

The picture below is of Jola and I in the outdoor thermal bath. It was so relaxing, I think we just say there for hours.

This is me in the indoor swimming pool. Too cold to be in for long since there was no sun heating up the water or anything.

This is the entrance to the bath. We even had our own personal escort that takes you towards the bath. It was so cool!!


2 thoughts on “Finally….The Baths!!

  1. kate,Wow, Canada definitely needs one of those bath places! It looks so nice! It must be a popular spot for tourists and locals. What a great thing to do while you’re there!Viv

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