Random Fact

Adam this one is for you 🙂

Did you know that the rubik’s cube was invented by a Hungarian by the name of Erno Rubik. The cube was invented in the mid 70’s.

I also have another observation or more like an annoyance really… The Hungarians may have invented the rubik’s cube but they have yet to discover the material called Styrofoam! I burn my hands everytime I want a cup of tea on the go.

Oh well, they have lots of other good stuff that makes up for it, like… Turo Rudi!!

That is Jola and I holding our Turo Rudi’s. I am just in love with these things!! Turo is the type of filling in the middle (like a sweet cheese) and then it is dipped in chocolate. You eat is cold and can buy it from the dairy section of the grocery store.


5 thoughts on “Random Fact

  1. Mom,Turo Rudi is a small confection you can mainly only find in Hungary (as I am told) It’s a tube of sweet cream cheese dipped in chocolate. I have come to love them!! Check out my link to Hungarian Food, there is a picture of one in white and red wrapping. Thats the main brand that makes them.

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