Living it up in Croatia

This past weekend a bunch of us planned a trip to Croatia to see the sights since in Hungary it was a long weekend. The journey began on Friday June 2nd at the Keleti station in Budapest, we took a train at 5:30pm to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. From there we were greeted by Jola’s friend, Davor. We stayed at his place for the night then continued to Plavice Park. This park is known for it’s vast waterfalls. In the picture below I am standing along one of the many bridges that guides you around the park. The weather was not the greatest since it was about 13 degrees and raining… But we decided to suck it up and head into the park for a 2.5 hour walk. The walk was great for about the first 1.5 hours then we noticed that the trails had become flooded from the rain, so we trekked through the water that was up to our ankles!!! But now I can at least say I have swam in Platvice park!! We then took a small boat ride along the lake to end the travels in Platvice Park.

From Platvice park we traveled towards Split and stopped at a town just outside (sorry I have forgotten the name but I will find out soon) Davor, being our wonderful guide, contacted his family which rents out houses along the coast and we stayed at a wonderful little place that was just a 30 sec walk from the water. I think I will defiantly need to come back there for some good R&R in the future years. That night we headed out to the most popular club in Croatia called Aurora. It was an awesome club that has a great atmosphere and great music. In the picture below in the front row from left to right is Davor, Jola, ME, Alex and in the back row is Dominik and Jerome. That was the whole traveling gang 🙂

The pictures below are of Jola and I right at the bottom of the street where we were staying. The water was not that warm, but you never know when you might have another chance to be in the coast of Croatia so I decided to jump on in!!!

On Sunday we headed to Split to see the sigh after our dip into the water. The drive was just beautiful along the whole coast. Oh I should also mention that we had rented a car so we drove everywhere which made everything so easy and flexible.

In the picture below I am sitting in the square in the middle of the town on Split. The buildings were so beautiful.

Here is the view of Split from the top of the hill. This place is more beautiful then I ever imagined. All the buildings have been built up after the war so everything is new mixed in with the classic history.

Well as you can see from the smile on my face I had a wonderful time in Croatia, many thanks to our guide. Croatia landscape has so much to offer and has a great warm feeling.


15 thoughts on “Living it up in Croatia

  1. katie, you look very european in that one pic with your hat and green jacket hahaah have you gone native??? looks like you’re having a great time, flood and all

  2. Jess,That’s so funny you say that cuz all the my european friends and roommate say I look like a tourist with my hat 🙂 hehe My newest nickname is “Canadian Tourist”

  3. Hey Katie,Crotia does look beautiful! Can;t wait to hear about your next adventure! And that’s awesome Adam is visiting you!! Tell him I say hello 🙂Viv

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