Davinci Code

Last night I went with the trainees to see Davinci Code in the MOM Park Mall. Its a really big modern mall on “Csörsz u” on the Buda sideof the Danube. The theatre shows english movies with Hungarian subtitles. So I thought it was perfect… Well I had forgotten that part of the movie is in other languages.. French, Spanish and Latin. Now for all you folks in Canada you will be given subtitles in English for those parts… But here in Hungary the whole thing was Hungarian subtitles (which does make sense I know, I just didn’t think of it) So it was fairly interesting but thank you to Jerome for translating the French parts for me. Also thank goodness I had read the book, I knew roughly what was going on.

Now something new I learnt last night about European movies theatres is that you reserve seats like you do if you are seeing a play. Now I didn’t realize this so I was leading the way and went to pick a seat and all my friends didn’t understand what I was doing… They had to show me the seat assignment on the ticket. I like this whole idea of reserved seats, you can miss the previews and still get a nice seat in the centre of the theatre!!

As for my review of Davinci Code I would have to say I enjoyed it. I know most people didn’t like it but maybe it had to do with the fact that I thought it was really neat that I was watching this movie that is set in Europe while I myself am in Europe!!! One complaint though, the SMART car in the book was red… The one in the movie was silver. Very Disappointed : )


2 thoughts on “Davinci Code

  1. Hey katie,yes, I thought the same thing about the Smartcar when I saw the movie! and there were a few other parts in the movie that didn’t match the book…like the library search on the bus with the cell phone…anyway, the movie was okay but I liked the book better. 🙂Viv

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