More Observation and Facts

Okay so I thought I would post some more observations and random facts about Budapest.

– You can J-walk in the city, which is surprising because many other European countries frown upon it.

– Hungary had the first metro line in central Europe (it was second to London, England)

– Currently Budapest is under construction for the replacement of new trolleys. The new trolleys that were purchased can not fit on the old tracks.. (gotta love those Hungarian engineers)

– No matter what country you are in engineering student enjoy drinking and partying

– Tea in Hungary consists of water, sugar and lemonade (possibly a tea leaf, I am not sure)

– You can buy a 2 liter bottle of wine for 300 HUF which is about $3 CAD

– The most popular car manufacturer in Hungary is Suzuki

– The Suzki Swift and Audi TT are manufactured in Hungary

– In the LUSH store in Hungary everything is wrapped individually (yes I have already been to the LUSH store, but everyone can be proud of me since I did not buy anything)

– The buses on the main routes are the same buses as VIVA and Ottawa transpo

– No matter what language is being spoken you can tell when a women is gossiping to another women

Well I hope you have enjoyed my observation so far. Let me know if you have any specific questions on how things work or are in Budapest and I will seek out your answer : )


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