Time for Pictures

Okay Gang, Here is is I finally got to upload my pictures. I will post a bunch and just put a little blurb about each one. It might not be too pretty but I thought you guys might be bored with all my text by now.

So here we GO!!!

This was taken on my second day while I was wondering around the “Batthyany ter” Metro station on the red line on the left side of the Danube River. There is was, the wonderful SMART ForFour caught in some major traffic.

Well the first few days were rough, but some how eating a crunching chocolatety hippo made things a little easier. I will be forever grateful to this hippo for giving his life for a good cause, my well being and sanity.

I know what you guy are thinking. “Katie! Where are the pictures of Budapest!” But don’t worry they are coming I just thought I would ease you all into it slowly. So this pictures… See that dog in there, they are very popular here I see like 5 each day. Anyone know the name of this dog? Its an ancient asian breed. Anyone?

So here are the Budapest pictures you have all been waiting for…

In this pictures, Jolie (my roommate from Poland) and I are standing in front of the famous church of St. Istvan. The church of the first king of Hungary, Stephen as you would say in english. He was the first Hungarian to become christian so the pope appointed him as king.

Below are some pictures taken at Buda Castle Hill. It’s a beautiful quite place that also has a library that the students use to study off campus. I went with Ommi another trainee who is from Thailand. She has been here for almost 4 weeks now, sorry I do not have a picture of her yet.


10 thoughts on “Time for Pictures

  1. Katie!So glad to hear that you got there safe. It sounds like you are having a good time. What an exciting adventure. I hope you have a good learning experience. You are very brave to go their on your own. Keep up with the updates. See you in July!Love Wilsey

  2. Hey katie!Your pictures are awesome. Budapest looks like a beautiful place. And I didn’t know there were 4 door smart cars. hehe. Keep the pics coming! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure.Viv

  3. Katie!Looks like you’re having an exciting time! Just wanted to comment on your dog question. Looks like a Pekingnese to me. Did it have a smushed-in face??!!The pics are great!LB

  4. Hi Katie!! I LOVE your pictures, can’t wait to see more. I’m glad to hear that you are getting settled and aren’t too homesick. The first little bit is tough, but TRUST me, it gets so much better! Sounds like school won’t be too rough, which means you’ll get alot of travel time – be sure to take advantage. Look forward to hearing more from you!Love CJ

  5. Bob,Kinder makes the coolest things here Europe. They have two kinds of Hippos, one is white chocolate and the other is milk chocolate. Let me know if you find them on ebay : ) So what are you u to these days?

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