Farewell and See You Soon!!

Well I am off to Hungary today. I have packed up and said my “See you Soons”. Had a great day with the Newmarket Girls yesterday (Wish you could of been there Jen W and Claire!) In one day we manage to fit in two coffee shop chats, one dinner, one wrong car incident (Jess, that was a camry not your corolla and where did that chatelaine mag come from??) and a nice fire pit gathering!! What a great send off! Thanks for letting us use your backyard Brad!

Mich you will have to send me the pics so I can post them on the blog.
Well I hope to hear from you all soon and I will be posting next when I am in Hungary so I will tell you my arrival adventures! I will miss you all!!

Below is some pictures of everything I packed for my trip.. The red bag is the bag I will be taking on the plan, I still don’t know how I fit everything in!


2 thoughts on “Farewell and See You Soon!!

  1. Katie I will be the first to comment for you.. is that twister that I see in the picture? Did you really need that if that is ineed what it is hahah

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