I have started a new job about a month ago now and I just feel like I am never going to be good at it. I just don’t have the quick answers to things and thats what you need in this job. I hate not feeling like I am doing a good job… I am trying hard but I don’t know where or what I am suppose to be doing most of the time. I just feel so lost. I have beentrying to get more sleep at night so my mind is more alert during the day buy I still can’t seem to cut it… I hate this feeling. Well I have the rest of the summer to figure it out. I guess I should just be positive and keep on trying, I won’t get anywhere giving up. I will check in later with an update.


One thought on “Inadequate

  1. Hey Katie,Cheer up! I think what you are experiencing is very common with a new job. I am sure that those you are working with appreciate you being there and learing all you can. It is definitely a process. I am sure that altough you don’t feel like it you are doing very well at job. Keep up the good work!!

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